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Born in the Netherlands, Anthonio studied bushcraft from childhood, and at 16, became the first mentored pupil of Ofer Israeli, who invited him to volunteer at his own bushcraft school there - he rarely missed a single course. In time, Anthonio established a youth-group in this school in 1997 which allowed children and teenagers to come out into the woods and learn earth-living skills once a week. He loved seeing the connection young people made with nature and the balance it gave to their lives.

One year later, he moved to London. He travelled regularly to New Jersey where he learnt more native skills at Tom Brown's Tracker school. In 2001, Anthonio moved to Northern Ireland, where he made his dream a reality and founded Wild-Live.

An active member of the Society of Primitive Technology, he also published a book about earth-living skills entitled "Bushcraft Skills and How to Survive in the Wild". This book is sold world-wide and is now in its second print-run.

Anthonio also writes articles which regularly appear in various Bushcraft and Survival magazines.

When not teaching adults on his courses, Anthonio has other commitments. He teaches teenagers through various local charities. He shares skills in the archaeology department at Queens University Belfast about how our ancestors lived their lives through demonstrations and lectures. He reproduces a huge array of artefacts for various museums, universities and television companies. On various occasions he has worked as consultant on various television and radio programs. He enjoys learning new skills on travels locally and in different terrains around the world.

Some of his more remote teaching experiences brought him to the Yukon Territories in Canada teaching skills to First Nations, Texas; instructing Lipan Apache in Primitive Skills, Turkey and Israel.

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