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The courses and activities we offer can be subdivided into two broad groups of subject matter.

Wilderness Courses

These courses deal mainly with the skills that can be used in "survival"-type situations, bush-craft activities or wilderness camping. Most of these courses contain a number of skills per course as they are designed to cover a more general skills-range. Many of the courses falling under this bracket are multi-day, and will have you camping out on site. If you are looking for a general survival, wilderness living or bushcraft course, then this is the category for you.

Skills and Craft Courses

This group contains courses focusing mainly on one skill-group. Skills such as fire-by-friction, flint-knapping, pottery and bow-building can be found here. Though some of these courses will take place over more days or over a set number of evenings, many of them are day-long courses. This is the page to go to if you are interested in learning or advancing one particular skill.

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