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Start Time:  8AM
Finish Time:  4PM
Full cost:  50
Deposit:  20
Dates:  See Calendar (Opens new window)

Basic Basket Weaving Course

Baskets were made even before pottery was discovered. During this course we will create a basket from Willow or other materials. We will use and discuss a variety of techniques employed by different cultures. The techniques we teach will enable you to produce a strong and serviceable basket, even if your skill is not yet very advanced.
The creation of the actual basket will take most of the day. The day will start with an explanation of materials needed and where you can find them. We will then proceed by making the bottom of the basket, then the walls, and finally the rim.
This course is taught both at our specialised course-site at Castleward and in Ballynahinch co Down.
This course does not require you to have a lot of equipment available, but below is a list:

Sharp knife (2" to 5" blade preferably non-folding but if it's a folding knife it has to be lockable!) If you do not have a knife, we would suggest you borrow one from us during the course rather then purchase one as we will explain different knife-types and their benefits during the course.
Plate, drinking-mug and spreading-knife


Saceteurs (Gardening snips)
Some snack food (IE: travel-mix, dried fruits, chocolate)

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