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.ics (iCal) format is a widely used calendar data format that allows you to easily move calendar data between two different calendar systems. On our site, we have integrated two calendars. One for the wilderness courses, and one to display the skills and craft events. Every time these calendars are updated, the site automatically "publishes" an updated .ics file. Our calendar allows you to subscribe to these .ics files using any .ICS compliant system like Microsoft Outlook , Google Calendar , Windows Calendar , and Apple iCal. When you subscribe to these two files, your calendar will automatically get updated with our latest published calendar file.

There are two methods you can use to get the current events in your calendar:

1) You can download the .ICS files below, and import them into your mail/calendar system. This will NOT automatically update when we add new events

2) You can use the mail/calendar system on your PC or device to "subscribe" to the below .ICS files. Using this method, your mail/calendar software will automatically check for a later file on our server when you launch it.

The files can be found via the following URLs:

Wilderness Courses: www.wild-live.org/calshare/Calendar_28.ics
Skills and Crafts: www.wild-live.org/calshare/Calendar_29.ics

It is also possible to subscribe using your iPhone:
(This method works on Apple Mac's too.)

On the iPhone, browse to: www.wild-live.org/calendars.htm using the Safari App. You will see something similar to below image:

From the list of available calendars select the calendar you want to subscribe to.
From the details screen (see below) click the "subscribe" button.

NOTE: The iPhone calendar interface will not setup your subscribed calendars in the same color that they are on our calendar. The iPhone automatically just assigns one of 5 different colors to your calendar automatically.

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