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Anthonio has written several books, some of which are advertised through this web-site. Using these links will give you the cheapest Amazon price and helps the author with a small percentage of the sale-price. By clicking on the images, you will be brought to the Amazon UK page.

The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook

You can survive a couple of weeks without food and a few days without water, but in some cases, you would be lucky to survive one night without shelter.
With structures ideally suited for any weather condition, this book presents emergency shelter designs built from a variety of elements, including 100 percent gathered items, a combination of natural and store-bought supplies, and even durable construction materials.
The author offers helpful tips and techniques for mastering your shelter-building skills, as well as tutorials on how to make basic tools, bedding, mattresses and other items to increase shelter comfort. Packed with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos, this all-encompassing primer teaches you how to construct a variety of lifesaving shelters, including: *Rock Shelter *Debris Hut *Lean-To *Bent Sapling Shelter *Snow Cave *Subterranean Shelter *Scandinavian Lavvu *Ger/Yurt *Basha/Tarp Shelter

The Outdoor Survival Handbook

This is the ultimate guide to life-saving techniques. It helps you stay alive and healthy in the wilderness.
It is a practical handbook on how to cope with all kinds of survival scenarios, with detailed visual instruction and step-by-step sequences for every situation. It features expert, easy-to-follow step-by-step advice on key life-preserving skills and techniques with 1001 tips and over 650 photographs and illustrations.
It offers professional tuition from someone who has endured these situations, toughed it out mentally and physically, and can explain all you need to know to help you survive. It contains everything you need to know about survival, building shelters, wilderness navigation and rescue strategies, making fire, sourcing water, flint-napping, tracking and hunting for animals, foraging for food and much more.

This ground-breaking guide to survival in the wild covers all the essential skills required to cope with whatever nature has to throw at you - from steamy jungle to frozen tundra and from barren mountainsides to dehydrating deserts. This is the ultimate instruction manual for mastering the art of mental and physical survival.
It explains every aspect of the four fundamental physical survival requirements of shelter, water, fire and food. Traditional wilderness skills are fully illustrated: making hunting tools and natural cordage, flint-napping, essential pottery and basketry, primitive and modern trapping and fishing techniques, plus practical wild food cooking. With over 650 illustrations, and 75 practical projects, this is the visual manual to surviving the wilderness and will appeal to the general public as well as more experienced explorers and adventurers.

Extreme Survival

Please note that this book contains the above book and adds urban survival to double the size of the book
This is the ultimate guide to survival: in the wilderness, in the city, in planes, in cars and in the home. How to stay alive in every dangerous situation?
This title contains over 550 colour illustrations showing techniques, tactics and tricks of the trade, and 80 step-by-step training projects for extreme life skills to use in emergencies. Expert advice will enhance the survival instinct and improve risk awareness. Learn to avoid hazardous situations; respond positively and calmly to confrontation; build confidence through knowledge; and increase mental strength and will power.

The first section concentrates on the bushcraft techniques needed to survive outdoors in every climate and terrain: how to find protection from the elements; how to find drinking water; how to make a fire, hunt and trap animals for food, or find your way without a map and compass.
The second section focuses on how to ensure personal safety when everyday situations become life-threatening, including hostage situations, counter-terrorism techniques, self-defence against personal attacks, how to act when a tourist, and how to deal with car hijacking and road rage, house fires, transport accidents and medical emergencies. This is the perfect manual to help you build confidence through knowledge, increase mental strength and will-power, and to obtain the street and wilderness skills, strategies, instincts and intuition that will keep you alive in that once-in-a-lifetime moment of extreme need.

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